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How can I help?

     I offer support for conquering cancer with the mind, body and spirit. Cancer is a life-changer. Cancer is a wake-up call. Cancer isn’t fun. Cancer is time-consuming. Cancer is scary. Cancer is painful. Cancer is expensive. 

What does cancer mean to you?

     Life is moving along and then “bam!” you are told you have cancer. Maybe for the second or third time. Everyone has a different cancer journey.

What the heck is a cancer coach and why do I need one?

     If you or a loved one is dealing with cancer a cancer coach can provide someone to support you through your experience. There are decisions, emotions and thoughts that come with cancer. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an advocate throughout the process? I’ve been diagnosed with cancer twice under the age of 41 and can appreciate the value of having someone knowledgeable and helpful to speak to. I am a professional coach trained by the University of Miami in a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation. 

Get support with: 
  • Navigating the decision-making process

  • Identifying your emotions

  • Re-evaluate diet/nutrition

  • Fitness suggestions  

  • Someone to walk on the beach with

  • Strategies for handling stress

  • How to use essential oils 

  • Provide a plan to conquer cancer

  • A list of questions to ask your physician

  • Talking about cancer with children

  • Tips on organizing your healthcare records

  • Evidence-based findings about herbs, supplements and vitamins

  • Insurance issues

  • Enhanced decision-making

  • Retreats for cancer patients

  • Free resources

  • One-on-one support  

  • Healing with CBD  

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